50+ Funniest Crow Puns

Have you ever seen a crow? Well, I found Crow funny. So I thought of making a collection of the world’s funniest Crow puns.

So if you are searching for some jokes/puns below are some fun ideas that you can copy and use with your family, friends, and even with your crush.

Top 10 Crow Puns

Crow Puns
  • What is a crow’s favourite magazine? Caw-smopolitan
  • Ravens fans are so tough….they hang out in crowbars.
  • Where do crows go to listen to live music? Caw-ncerts
  • He is so stubborn at times, he just needs to crow up.
  • Going to buy a tiny pet crow for me, definitely going to call it micro.
  • Why don’t crows like to fight one another? They don’t appreciate the caw-nflict.
  • Crows go, listen, perform, and enjoy live music, at cawnsorts.
  • Why was the crow on the telephone wire? To make a long distance caw
  • What’s black, dangerous and hides in trees? A crow with a machine gun.
  • Who brings presents to crows at Christmas? Santa Caws

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Funny Crow Puns

  • Where do teen crows go after high-school? Caw-llege
  • What do you call a loud murder of crows? A caw-cophony.
  • Why don’t crows get their bags checked when they go through customs at an airport? Because they prefer carrion.
Crow Puns
  • I heard some crows communicating after one of their own was injured. They were caws for concern.
  • What do crows wear on Halloween? Caw-stumes
  • Cawnvict crows are scared of the cawps.
  • What do you call a co-worker who happens to be a crow? Your caw-league.
  •  I saved a tiny baby crow and now he won’t leave, I guess you could say he’s mi-cro.
  • For waterproofing their nests, crows buy caw-king.
  • Why do crows sit on telephone poles? To make long distance caws.
  • The cawllarborne of the skinny crow was so pronounced.
  • What’s a crow’s favorite sport? Crow-quet.
  •  Crows have 16 feather pinions and ravens have 17 pinions. It’s just a matter of a pinion.
  • A bunch of crows ganged up and killed a chicken. It was a murder most fowl.
  • Some crows were caught breaking the quarantine laws. They were charged with attempted murder.
  • What do you call a crow who murdered another one? Guilty.
  • After graduating from high school, crows go to caw-lleges for further studies.

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Hilarious Puns About Crow

  • Why do crows not get hit by cars? Because there is always another crow yelling, “Caw! Caw!”
  • No matter what crows always stick together through a velcrow.
  •  Crows love Cawnie Chung, their favorite reporter.
  • Have you ever heard of the Crows Law Of Energy Conservation? It’s also known as the Law of Caws and Effect.
Crow Puns
  • Where do crows go to get educated? Caw-lege.
  • Why can police always search a car driven by a crow? Probable caws.
  • How did the nervous crow proceed? With caw-tion
  • He has some good puns on crows, but he doesn’t have to keep crowing about it.
  • Where do crows go to get educated? CAWlege
  • What is a crow’s favorite drink? Caw-fee.
  • There was a recent study showing that crows were hit a lot more by trucks than cars… they came to the conclusion that this was because crows can warn each other by going “CAAAR CAAAR” but can’t say “TRUCK TRUCK”.
  • What do crows use to waterproof their nests? Caw-king
  • What do you call an albino crow? Caw-casian
  • You know a crow’s favorite pastry is a crow-nut.
  • Who was the criminal crow running from? The cawps
  • What do you call a crow’s birthday party when nobody else shows up to join them? An attempted murder.
  • A crow invited his buddies over to hang out but they didn’t show up. He was charged with attempted murder.
  • What is a crow’s favourite vegetable? Caw-liflower

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