100 Funniest Dragon Puns & Jokes

Are you a dragon lover? If yes then this post is just for you. Because today we’ve got some of the funniest dragon puns covered.

With these puns, you can make anyone laugh like a dragon. So if you’re looking for some dragon puns, this is the place you should definitely check out.

Top 10 Funniest Dragon Puns

Dragon Puns
  • He was a beast on the battlefield.
  • What does a dragon like to eat at a restaurant? Hot wings.
  • The female dragon always won the beauty contest whenever she took part in it. It was obvious as she was the beast of the show!
  • My friend who is an architect bought a large number of model dragons and took them for work. It was not until his seniors told him that he realized that one such model dragon was not to scale!
  • What has four legs, four wings, and a tail? A dragon with spare parts.
  • Why was the dragon always invited to barbecue Sundays? So he could fire up the grill
  • What do you get when you cross a dragon with a smelly skunk? I have no idea, but please don’t make it angry.
  • The dragon decided to visit the restaurant to eat his favorite dish. It was a whole bucket of Hot Wings!
  • A dragon is frequently seen spitting fire on a map as he plans on setting fire to the whole world!
  • What is a dragons favorite toy? A scale-xtric.

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Funny Dragon Puns

  • What is a dragons favorite TV show? Dragons Den.
  • Fire-well my good friend.
  • You have some questions? Fire away!
  • What happens if you kiss a dragon? You get burnt lips.
  • What do dragons do before big games?They get all fired up.
  • Lizard puns are hiss-terical.
dragon Puns
  • What’s the difference between a car and a dragon? A car only has one horn.
  • What do you call a Chinese dragon’s beard? Low mane.
  • Why did the dragon throw the T-Rex into the air? He wanted to see a dino-soar.
  • What’s the difference between a dragon and a mini-van? Mini-van have only one horn.
  • What’s the difference between a musical choir of angels and a flight of dragons?
  • What is the scariest type of fruit? The dragon fruit.
  • Where do dragons go for a manicure and massage? The scale salon.
  • What eats more tacos than one dragon? Two dragons
  • What holiday do dragons love? Bon-fire night.
  • Dragons are extremely good guitarists because they really know all the scales!
  • Why did the dinosaurs live longer than the dragons? Because they didn’t smoke.
  • What’s the difference between a knight and Santa’s reindeer? One slays the dragon, and the other’s draggin’ the sleigh.
  • There was a group of dragons who dreamed of having a music band. They even thought of naming themselves ‘Imagine Dragons’.
  • Dragons don’t usually take time in making vacation plans. They just simply wing it!
  • What is a dragon’s favorite band? The Flaming Lips.
  • Why do dragons sleep during the day? They fight knights.
  • What did the dragon say to the bad employee? You’re fired.
  • What happens when a dragon gets bored of strip steaks? Flaming Yawn
  • What is the difference between Santa Claus and a dragon? One slays the dragon, the other drags the sleigh.
  • This is as fire as it should go.
  • Dragons don’t like smoking.
dragon Puns
  • Why did the French dragon eat a pony before dinner? It was a horse d’oeuvre.
  • Magic-saw puzzles are really fun.Use your imagic-nation.
  • Why are dragons so good music? Because they really know their scales.
  • What are dragons such good story-tellers? They have long tales.
  • What do you call a dragon librarian? A book wyrm.
  • Why didn’t the dragon observe the Sabbath? He only preys on weak knights.
  • What types of stories are dragons famous for? Long tales…

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Best Puns About Dragon

  • What do you get if you’re bit by an ice dragon? Frost bite.
  • Why can’t dragons play ice hockey? If they breathe fire, the ice melts.
  • The best way to lift a little dragon is by using a fork-lift!
  • She got fire-st place in the contest.
  • Try to be the beast version of yourself.
  • What do dancing dragons compete in? A talon show.
  • The sun rises in the b-east.
  • Why can’t the Ender Dragon ever understand a book? Because he always starts at the end.
  • Dragon puns are smoking hot.
  • Do you believe in meow-gic?
  • When the little dragon was asking for a candy and not getting it, his elder brother asked him, “Wyv-ern?”
  • The only school that thought about how to kill dragons is the knight school!
  • In D&D, a dragon does not want to eat paladins because they always taste lawful!
  • A dragon’s favorite day of the week is Chewsday!
  • Which hockey team to dragons cheer for? The Red Wings.
  • Why do dwarves hunt dragons in the morning? Because the early beard gets the worm
dragon Puns
  • Why are dragons good storytellers? They all have tails.
  • What time is it when a dragon decides to sit on your car? Time to get a new car!
  • What’s big, scaly and bounces? A dragon on a trampoline.
  • What do dragons say when their eggs hatch? Eggcellent
  • A burn from a dragon.
  • Santa was flying over medieval England and hit a dragon. He sleighed it.
  • How many dragons does it take to change a light-bulb? None. They can’t do it because they don’t have thumbs. But they’re great at lighting candles.
  • A dragon that is exceptional in juggling can be called talon-ted!
  • What’s the difference between Game of Thrones and United Airlines? One has dragons and the other has drag-offs.
  • Dragons should never get angry while playing ice hockey. Because if they breathe fire then the ice melts!
  • Why can’t dragons play hockey? They always end up melting the ice before the game is over.
  • I have often been named as a dragon by my colleagues. They say that I have been dragging my body from home to the office day in and day out!
  • What do dragons eat for a snack? Fire-crackers
  • Dragons prefer a particular variety of shampoo. They always prefer Head and Smolders!
  • What’s the difference between a musical choir of angels and a flight of dragons? The horn section.
  • My colleague was fired last week.
  • What’s worse than an insult from a leprechaun?
  • Which day of the week do dragons eat the most? Chewsday

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