45 Eel Puns & Jokes To Make You Laugh

Do you love eels? If yes, this post is just for you. Yes, today’s topic is eels puns. And if you are searching for some puns about eels, this post is just for you.

So if you are planning to go fishing or want to spend some time at the beach then this post is just for you.

Top 10 Eel Puns

Eel Puns
  •  What a fish-ous rumor.
  • Did you know that breeding eels with eagles is wrong? It’s an eel. 
  • Did you know that FDR had a pet naked sea snake in the White House? He called it the naked eel.
  • When you’re by the sea and an eel bites your knee… It’s a moray eel. 
  • Well, if the moon catches your eye like a giant pizza, it’s a moray eel. 
  • He prescribed me an eel balm to cure it. 
  • The atmosphere was really electric.
  • Such a shocker!
  • A small bait catches a big fish. 
  • She’s a slippery little eel.

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Funny Eels Puns

  •  Why don’t you breed an eel with an eagle?It’s the eel. 
  • What did the Italian diver say when he saw the big eel?”It’s a moray eel! 
  • The foursome drift like slimy Frankenstein monsters down the river to the nearest liquor store. 
  • Why did the moray eel have to go to the doctor? Because he felt like an eel. Can you eat an electric eel? 
  • What a shocking discovery.
  • Best fishes on your birthday!
eels Puns
  • What do clownfish think of moray eels? They consider them anemones. 
  •  Last night I dreamed that I was riding an electric fish… It was an eel. 
  • Something’s fishy about this.
  • They throw six-packs in front of a bored clerk and Danny while the boss says, “How much do I owe you, boss?” 
  • Which eel likes Italian food? It’s a moray eel 
  • Yes, and it’s shocking how tasty it can be. 
  • Sing: If you dive under and an eel grabs your thigh, it’s a moray eel.
  • Which eels can travel on land? Wheels. 
  • What is the name of the eel in two reports? polyamory.
  • Don’t let it slip away.
  • Tommy, like a champion, never complains about being down. 
  • Electric eels don’t get depressed.You always stay positive. 
  • How do you know which eel you see? 
  • Which eel catches the eye like a big pizza?It’s Moray. 
  • Who called the fish when they wanted to buy a house? Anguilla Real Estate Agents. 

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Best Puns About Eels

  • When you are swimming in a stream and an eel bites your cheek. it’s a moray eel! 
  • What is Dean Martin’s favorite eel?It’s a moray eel. 
  • When an eel hits you on the heel and you feel great pain….. For moray eels.
  • When you’re swimming in a stream and an eel bites your cheek. It’s a moray eel 
  • They search the aisles for a few minutes before Ed and Heath put a six pack in their mouth and head to the counter.
  • When you fish upon a star.
eels Puns
  • Fish puns are of-fish-ially the best!
  • Let’s make this o-fish-all.
  • Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. 
  • What do electric eels like to swim in? Eau fraîche 
  • So-fish-ticated – Fishes with fancy bow ties.
  • There are many fish in the sea 
  • I told the doctor I had this eel that kept jumping out of my back and crying.
  • Many men fish their entire lives without realizing that this is not the fish they are looking for. 

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