80+ Goose Puns & Jokes {With Pictures}

The goose is one of the most beautiful birds on earth. They are also called sea birds because they mainly live near water.

Many people find these birds funny and interesting. That’s why we have created this wonderful post which contains some of the funniest puns on the goose.

With these sentences, you can entertain your family, friends, and even your crush.

Top 10 Gosse Puns

Goose Puns
  • A goose’s favorite vegetable is aspara-goose.
  • What is the name of the language a goose likes to speak? She prefers to speak Portuguese!
  • What is the name of the famous Irish actor whose lines are famous around the world? His name is Liam Geesen!
  • A goose’s favorite month is Au-goose-t.
  • Why does the goose keep firing on the scope despite being told to stop? I guess it was inspired by the movie “Djan-goose Unchained!”
  • I just bought a new goose, but it’s huge. That’s a giant goose!
  • What do hunters call a runaway wild turkey? Fast food.
  • Geese are said to mate for life. But in my experience, they fly away as soon as you release them.
  • Why did the police catch geese? They suspect she’s playing bird games!
  • When you cross a dog and a geese, you get a goose.Take it geese-y.

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Funny Goose Puns

  • Why do people often refer to the goose as a lazy animal? Because a goose will cross the road even though it can fly more than 1000 miles in a day!
  • When my friend’s father was sick, the doctor told him to put goose fat on his legs and back. He went down quickly.
  • What is the name of the mobile game a goose likes to play?The name of the game is Rectrix!
Goose Puns
  • How are geese like airplanes filled with encyclopedias? They fly in formation!
  • On which side does the goose have the most feathers? Outside
  • This sofa is cozy and comfortable.
  • What are the geese on the street called? Goosebumps!
  • They were in a goose-tudy battle.
  • What does an ancient Egyptian goose say?Ankh, ankh!
  • What’s in common between goose and boose? It’s some kind of weird caboose.
  • What language do Brazilian geese speak?Portu-geese!
  • They sent a goose to the moon. They called it amoongoose.
  • What do you call it when it rains ducks and geese? Bird weather!
  • I just bought a new goose, but it’s huge. It is really big.
  • What language does the Brazilian Goose speak?Portuguese
  • I’m just drowning in happiness.
  • What will you get if you cross a geese with a cow? A moooooo!
  • Hope I’m not a big bird (burden)
  • What’s the point of geese being late to work because of traffic jams? She honks!
  • My apolo-geese.

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Goose Puns
  • For what reason did the turkey rancher choose to resign? The occupation just ate up to quite a bit of his time.
  • For what reason do geese utilize Head&Shoulders cleanser? What’s really great for the goose is great for dander
  • On the off chance that you train a goose to utilize a PC… Is it a specialized fowl?
  • What do a terrible baseball player and a male goose share for all intents and purpose? The two of them have foul balls.
  • This is so eggs-refering to!
  • What is the name of the well known goose blended military craftsman who is likewise viewed as one of the most risky warriors of all time? She is Rhonda Goosey!
  • Where do geese and ducks put away their cash? The stork market.
  • The goose was wheezing. It had aller-geese.
  • What do you call disturbance while riding a flying goose?Goose knocks!
  • For what reason did the child goose begin shouting around midnight? Since it was perusing a book from the ‘Goose pimples’ series.
  • For what reason wouldn’t anybody be able to see the goose? Since it was in da skies.
  • He was eggs-tatic.
  • For what reason do ducks and geese fly south in the fall? Since it’s too far to even think about strolling!
  • I’ve been hoping to dispose of a few male geese. Might you want to look?
Goose Puns
  • I really love jokes, eggs-pecially goose quips.
  • It’s every one of the a piece of the e-goose-framework.
  • What did the geese guardians name the youthful gander with the goal that he could grow up to be attractive and cherished by all? They gave him the name Ryan Goosling!

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Most Funniest Puns About Goose

  • What do duck like to watch on TV? Duckumentaries.
  • What kind of bird doesn’t need a comb? A bald eagle.
  • Egg puns are eggs-quisite.
  • Think on the fly.
  • Goose puns fly right over my head.
  • For what reason did the goose generally move her face and jaw while paying attention to jazz music? This was on the grounds that she had a mandible furrow!
  • What is the name of the organic product that a goof ball loves to eat? It loves to eat mangoose!
  • A Spanish goose says, “Hey ami-goose.”
  • I’m attending a goose-tume party.
Goose Puns
  • I will be a goose-t for Halloween.
  • What is the film which every one of the geese like to watch in light of the fact that a goose turns into a Divine being in this film? The film is ‘Goose All-powerful’.
  • We had an extraordinary dis-goose-particle.
  • Look no quill, for I’m here.
  • A person at school continued to hit me with poultry. I got goose pimples.
  • I use geese to spread the right political messages It’s a legitimate gander
  • I placed a goose-tum order.
  • I hope your day goose well.
  • Im-peck-able work, my friend.
  • For what reason do geese utilize Head and Shoulders cleanser? Because what’s great for the goose is great for the dander.
  • That bird was humon-goose.
  • Why don’t we let geese drive? They’d honk too much
  • What do ducks eat with soup? Quackers.

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Goose Puns
  • Despite the fact that I’m an enthusiastic duck and goose tracker, I own no calls. My significant other doesn’t need me utilizing fowl language.
  • Two geese stroll into a bar… Perhaps one of them ought to have been dodged.
  • I want the geese to open the entryway.
  • You’re lookin’ fly.
  • What is the name given to a continuously meandering goose around and investigating everything? He is known as the ‘Gander who Ganders’!
  • I feel that the geese in Canada are bigots. They continued to holler sound eh’ blare eh’ sound eh ‘!
  • What sound does a Swedish goose make?HJONK!
  • What did Mother Goose name her newborn son?Ryan Gosling!
  • Geese fill their cars with goose-oline.
  • Why do geese fly south for the winter? Because it’s too far to walk!!
  • Chickens rise when the chicken crows, so when do ducks get up? At the quack of sunrise.
  • That was eggs-traordinary!
Goose Puns
  • How can one German goose wish the other German goose toward the beginning of the day? They welcome each other by saying, ‘Goosen Morgen!’
  • I’ve must fly for the present.
  • What happened when the turkey drummer failed to remember his drum sticks? He needed to blindly go for it.
  • My family and I will see the Pyramids of Geese-a.
  • What do you get in the event that you cross a goose with a cow? A mooooose.

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