70+ Funniest Unicorn Puns To Make Anyone Laugh

Do you love unicorns? If yes, then you’ll love these funny unicorn puns. Yes, today we have collected some of the funniest puns just for you.

Everyone loves to laugh and talk about their interests. And if you are interested in jokes and unicorns, then this post is just for you. Now it’s easy for you to impress your crush.

Top 10 Unicorn Puns To Make You Laugh

Unicorn Puns
  • A unicorn’s favorite sports activity is running in mare-athons.
  • Even as unicorn parents, you always want to control the internet unless you want your foals checking out uniporn all day.
  • Most unicorns display their Fall harvest spoils with a unicornicopia.
  • What did the unicorn tell the bag of beans? U-no-corn.
  • When the little unicorn got bullied at school, he told his pop-corn so he could do something about it.
  • I love living next door to a unicorn. They make the best neeeeiiighbors.
  • Why do unicorns listen to polkas? They like to hear unicordians.
  • A scary unicorn that wakes kids up in the night with fear should be called a night-mare.
  • A fancy, fashionable, and iconic unicorn should be called a fashion-icorn.
  • What do you call a castrated unicorn? A: A eunuchorn.

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Funny Unicorn Puns

  • I tried to grow maize in my backyard, but my plant only grew one harvest. You might call that a Uni – corn.
  • Why did the rude unicorn not say hello to the other? Because while the pace (face) was familiar, he just couldn’t remember the mane (name).
  • Most unicorns start off as bad magicians until they can really horn their skills.
  • If a unicorn is a horse with one horn, is a horse with no horns an acorn?
  • A unicorn and a Mare were caught robbing a bank. The unicorn admitted he was Co-horsed into doing it.
unicorns Puns
  • Most unicorns inhabit the state of Maine.
  • A unicorn’s favorite class in school is the horse-story class.
  • To boost the confidence of a nervous unicorn, just tell him, “Uni-can do it!”
  • A unicorn’s favorite card game is Uno.
  • When my daughter said she saw some chubby unicorns at the zoo, I couldn’t believe it. But it turns out it was just rhinos.
  • When unicorns want a midnight snack, they go star grazing.
  • A unicorn’s favorite breakfast is Lucky Charms.
  • Just because your football team calls itself the unicorns doesn’t mean they can play in the corn field.
  • What do you call it when a unicorn wakes up for a midnight snack? Star grazing
  • When a unicorn gets a flu shot, it becomes an immunicorn.
  • Did you gear about the forgetful unicorn mom? She kept feeding her kids milk of amnesia.
  • What looks like half a unicorn? The other half
  • The fairy princess preferred to ride her unicorn more than her pony because it horsed around way too much.
unicorns Puns
  • What do you call a grandfather unicorn? Pop – corn
  • Before becoming a full-fledged unicorn, it takes years for a newbie unicorn to horn their skills.
  • Did you know that unicorns live in New York City? I swear why do you think their called uNYCorns?
  • If man’s best friend is a dog, would a unicorns best friend be a corn dog?
  • My teacher asked me what mythical creature I relate to.
  • When mythical creatures have a barbecue at their house, they most definitely serve uni-corn on the cob.
  • I thought I saw a magical horse with a horn in the forest, but when I went back to look for it, it was uni-gone.
  • Princesses prefer to ride unicorns more than horses because they don’t horse around as much.
  • When the baby unicorn fell, it cried out, “I’ve fallen, and I can’t giddyup.”
  • Most unicorns usually call their dads Pop corn.
  • I swear I saw one of those mythical creatures somewhere in the bush; but when I came back, it was uni-gone.
  • What was the unicorns favorite type of a story? A fairy tail.

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Hilarious Puns About Unicorns

  • Unicorns with a negative attitude always say “neigh.”
  • Most unicorns start off as poor hunters until they can really horn their skills.
  • Where do criminal unicorns sentenced to death go? They go on corn row.
  • When my best friend called me delusional, I almost fell off my unicorn!
  • I once tried to tickle a unicorn but missed…It was a mys-tical experience.
  • I was wondering if I was going mad. Then the unicorn and gummy bear said I was okay…
  • When you cross a cob of corn with a unicycle, you will end up making a unicorn.
  • Unicorns love listening to polkas because they are fond of the unicordians.
  • What’s black and white and eats like a unicorn? A zebra.
  • You can’t tame a stallion unicorn. They’re horn to be wild.
  • When baby unicorn fell, it cried out, “I’ve fallen, I can’t giddyup.”
unicorns Puns
  • I once tried to tickle a unicorn but missed…It was a mys-tical experience.
  • Unicorns refer to their dads as ‘pop-corn.’
  • How does the unicorn display the spoils from her Fall harvest? With a unicornicopia
  • If man’s best friend is a dog, would a unicorn’s best friend be a corn dog?
  • What’s the best way to catch unicorns? Simple, by herding them all to one corner.
  • What do you call a unicorn with large eyelashes? U-ni-brow.
  • Princesses prefer to ride unicorns because they don’t horse around as much.
  • If grains and corn grew magically, they would be called uni-corns.
  • Recent archaeological evidence shows that magical unicorns used to exist in Americorn.
  • Why won’t you ever find a unicorn in the army? Because they don’t like wearing uniforms.

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Funny Unicorn Jokes

  • A unicorn with large eyelashes is called a U-ni-brow.
  • Unicorns never beat around the bush. They always get to the point.
  • When the chef asked which ingredients were missing in the signature dish, someone said quickly, ‘u-need-corn’.
  • What do you call an extremely disgusting unicorn that no one likes? An eeeww-nicorn.
  • I wish I could love unicorns, but love isn’t real.
  • What do you get if you cross a unicorn and a cow? Horned beef
  • I was going to tell you a unicorn joke, but it was too unicorny.
unicorns Puns
  • Unicorns ought to be banned from Facebook. All they do is poke people all day.
  • When unicorns wake up to eat a midnight snack, they go star grazing.
  • A unicorn’s favorite thing to eat for breakfast is Lucky charms.
  • The unicorn crossed the road because it wanted to meet its neighbors.
  • I wish I could love unicorns but love isn’t real.
  • If you ever cross a cow with a unicorn, it will horned beef
  • What’s the best type of story to tell a runaway unicorn? A tale of whoa!
  • You can’t tame a unicorn stallion. He is horn to be wild.
  • All baby unicorns love listening to their favorite fairy tail before going to bed.
  • Did you hear about the unicorn who got A’s for every subject in college? He was an A-corn.
  • Unicorns are just horses with a point of view.
  • Never play “Leapfrog” with a unicorn.

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