70+ Funniest Worm Puns & Jokes [With Pictures]

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So lets start with over best puns about worm.

Top 10 Worm Puns

Worm Puns
  •  I worm to know the truth.
  • There was a s-worm of bees.
  • The worm that never gets to play sports is a bench-worm-er.
  • Why did the worm leave the apple? Because Noah said to travel in pears.
  • What do you call a worm who is not cool? Warm.
  • Your body’s chemical messengers are worm-ones.
  • What did the worm say when he found that his daughter reached home late? “Where on earth have you been?”
  • Share words of empo-worm-ent.
  • What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? Finding half a worm in your apple.
  • Make sure you worm-up before exercising.

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Funny Worm Puns

  • The new president was s-worm into office.
  • I’m prone to sea-zures.
  • What made the worm cross the playground? He wanted to get to the underground slide!
  • What does a lizard normally do at winter time? He worms himself up.
  • Worms can easily measure their length by asking for help from a tape worm.
  • What is even smarter than a talking worm? A spelling bee
Worm Puns
  • Can someone fish without putting a worm on the hook? The answer is debaitable.
  • Why were the glow worms kept inside the bag? Because they tend to lighten the load.
  • The judge started the worm court session by hitting the hammer and saying, “All writhe, let us begin.”
  • She was hooked on this new pop song.
  • The worm wore worm-or for protection.
  • I’m learning how to play the worm-onica.
  • In a race between two worms, the end result was a tie.
  • How did the Archaeopteryx manage to get the most amount of worms for breakfast? He was an early bird.
  • My sea-gnificant other.
  • I’m feeling fan-sea.
  • The issues were s-worm-ounted.
  • Hook let the dog out?
  • What do you get if you cross a worm and a young goat? A dirty kid.
Worm Puns
  • What kind of music do worms love to listen to? Underground music.
  • Look, I know she ate a worm but we are not here to debate de bait deb ate.
  • The police sea-zed the party.
  • Can you keep a sea-cret.
  • It’s been a long day. I’m worm out.
  • What will happen if fish get addicted to earthworms? They will be hooked.
  • That was worm-onious!
  • Inchworms make great carpenters because they never miss an inch.

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Best Puns About Worm

  • Most people love eating glow worms as they make great light snacks.
  • Why was the worm not moving? Because he was a gummy worm.
  • He was the sea-nior.
  • What makes a glow worm glow? A light meal.
  • They were in great t-worm-oil.
  • Worms get medication from the ph-worm-acy.
  • I just opened up a big can of worms. The worms just sit there. Hardly the chaos that’s advertised.
  • Why are worms considered to be great company? Because they are always down to earth.
  • What is life like for a wood worm? Boring.
Worm Puns
  • What is the name of the maggot army that resides in rotten apples? The Apple Corps!
  • That was a heart-worm-ing gesture.
  • Is this life or is this fanta-sea?
  • The kid started telling a sour tale because he ate a whole packet of candy worms.
  • Why were the glow worms kept inside the bag? Because they tend to lighten the load!
  • You’re off the hook.
  • Hide and sea-k.
  • What do you call an uncool worm? Warm!
  • What is a worm’s favorite tech brand? Apple.
  • I just crawled to say I love you.
  • What would make a glow worm glow? Having a light meal for dinner.
  • Sha-worm-a is a popular Middle Eastern dish.
  • What do you call an earthworm couple who are made for each other? Soil-mates.

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