Caterpillar Puns & Jokes To Make You Laugh

Looking for some Caterpillar pun? If yes then this post is just for you. We have created an amazing post about caterpillars with some of the funniest puns.

With these tips, you can easily make anyone who loves caterpillars laugh. Unlock happiness with these caterpillar puns.

Top Ten Caterpillar Puns

Caterpillar Puns
  • What keeps the caterpillar away? Erpillar Dog! 
  • What does a caterpillar smoke when it is depressed? Chrysalis methamphetamine.
  • What did the butterfly say to the caterpillar? HELLO! You look familiar to me.
  • Groups of butterflies collect insects. 
  • What Are Caterpillars Afraid Of?dogger columns. 
  • Insects – A disgusting act between two related caterpillar
  • Caterpillars are hairy. 
  • What’s the name of the caterpillar with the phone?  Walkie Talkie 
  • What is the cat sleeping on? Caterpillar!
  • What’s worse than finding a caterpillar while eating an apple? Finding the Half

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Funny Caterpillar Puns

  • What happened to the guy who ate a lot of caterpillars? He felt butterflies in his stomach. flower power! 
  • What did the butterfly say to the caterpillar? HELLO! You look familiar to me. 
  • How do you send a 100ft caterpillar? Knock It Down 
  • What is the caterpillar afraid of? Erpillar Dog!
  • You are as beautiful as a flower. 
  • Let the time pass.
  • Caterpillar really piss me off. 
  • Like a beautiful butterfly. 
  • What is the caterpillar’s greatest fear? dog pillar. 
Caterpillar Puns
  • Which worm is strong enough to work on a construction site? Caterpillar. 
  • What is the caterpillar afraid of? Erpillar Dog! 
  • Essential hair products. 
  • What is the caterpillar afraid of the most? Dogerpillar 
  • What is the name of the legless caterpillar? Worm. 
  • What’s the one thing that  always gives you butterflies no matter what? the caterpillars. 
  • Color my world. 
  • The caterpillars bite me wrong. 
  •  Hair today, gone tomorrow. 
  • Bugs Bunny – caterpillar favorite cartoon. 
  • Have you heard of the Irish caterpillar? She turned into a frog 

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