40+ Funniest Fairy Puns & Jokes [With Pictures]

Are you searching for some funny fairy puns? If yes, then you are at the right place. Cause today we have covered some of the most popular fairy puns for you.

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Top 10 Funny Fairy Puns

Fairy Puns
  • Fairy puns fly right over my head.
  • The fairy says, “I will give you what you most desire if you do someone else’s job for a day.”
  • Time to get forty wings (winks).
  • Like a pretty little fairy.
  • You’ve got to admit – we really do make a great pear! 
  •  Olive you, so much! (Next to olives.) / I love you so berry much!
  • A professor, a janitor, and the school’s principal are leaving for the day when they discover a magic fairy.
  • I hear there’s a fairy tale princess who actually knows quite a few dad jokes. It’s RaPUNzel.
  • I just think you’re egg-cellent, babe!
  • The professor says, “I’ll be an elementary school teacher. What can be so hard about teaching a bunch of 6-year-olds how to read?”

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Funny Fairy Puns

  • Fairy tales have a tendency to dragon.
  • If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one
  • I know that nothing will ever come be-Twix-t us. 
  • I didn’t know true love Lentil I met you!
  • OR: Olive you, berry much! 
Tooth Fairy Puns
  • You color my world.
  • Flap-jacks – A fairy’s favorite breakfast.
  • I really do like you a latte.
  • The principal says, “I’ll be a waitress. All you do is carry food back and forth. This’ll be a breeze.”
  • I’m just gonna wing it.
  • The image looks so pixie-lated.
Tooth Fairy Puns
  • Thank God its fly-day.
  • You’re as pretty as a flower.
  • Rapunzel is not a fairy tale. It’s a hairy tale.
  • You are so pear-fect to me. Or…

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Best Puns About Fairy

  • So he is teleported into a classroom. After just a few minutes, he can’t take the kids’ screaming any longer, so he throws all his supplies and gives up.
  • I work for the Marvel Comics Fairy Agency making magic sticks. I’m a part of the WANDaVision.
  • I donut ever want to have to live without you!
  • Don’t fly (lie) to me.
Fairy Puns
  • I’m so glad you egg-sist.
  • My ex made my life like a fairy tale. Grimm.
  • We are mint to be.
  • You’re lookin’ fly dude.
  • Why do fairies burn when in contact with metal They’re alloy-gic!
  • She is teleported to a restaurant. After about an hour, all the annoying customers drive her insane, so she smashes her plates on the ground and gives up.
Fairy Puns
  • I think you’re dino-mite!
  • My ex made my life like a fairy tale. Grimm.

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