40+ Mosquito Puns & Jokes [With Pictures]

The sound of mosquitoes is bothersome to some people, but to others they are funny. So if you are one of those people who love mosquitoes, then this post is just for you.

Because today we have gathered some of the funniest mosquito puns for you. You can make anyone laugh with these puns. You can copy and paste these sentences to anyone on your Instagram or WhatsApp.

Top 10 Mosquito Puns

Mosquito Puns
  • If you crush a mosquito on your arm, its death is in the vein.
  • I learned today that mosquitoes love type B blood. Sorry, type O.
  • I caught a mosquito on my hand… It stunk.
  • I don’t mind catching mosquitoes.
  • Life sucks.
  • What does a mosquito say to greet its friend?”M’laria.”
  • Some see a pool of mosquito larvae. I see a pool of commitment.
  • What do you call a fascist mosquito? Benito Mosquitollini.
  • What is the name of the largest mosquito in the world? Himalayas.
  • I once told a joke about mosquitoes… He had malaria.

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Funny Mosquito Puns To Make Anyone Laugh

  • What is the biggest fear of mosquitoes? thisW.A.T Team
  • Don’t bother me, I’m very busy.
  • Attention!It’s the buzz!
  • I need the documents in black and white.
  • Itch bin ein moskito – This is how German mosquitoes present themselves.
  • mosquitoes are a real itch.
mosquito Puns
  • Watch out for the little biting spider.
  • Bee-tchy: A rude black and yellow insect.
  • Pica, is it okay if I share my puns with you?
  • Itchy ni san – How Japanese mosquitoes count.
  • What do you call an unpopular trunk? Nobody’s nose.
  • How do you measure the hardness of a mosquito? With error bytes.
  • What does a mosquito say to greet its friend? M’laria.
  • What is the difference between a mosquito and a fly?: A mosquito can fly, but a fly cannot be a mosquito.
  • What do a mosquito and a motorcyclist have in common? Both are really annoying but don’t live long.
Mosquito Puns
  • Over the summer, a local police station developed a mosquito problem.
  • SWAT team deployed.
  • How do you measure the hardness of a mosquito? With error bytes.
  • A mosquito can fly, but a fly cannot be a mosquito.

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Best Puns About Mosquito

  • Why was the mosquito sad at Christmas? It was a buzz from Bah.
  • A mosquito landed on my wife’s face… The easiest decision of my life.
  • I sprayed a mosquito with mosquito repellent. Now he has no friends.
mosquito Puns
  • What would Mario say if he were a mosquito? It’s me, malaria!
  • When you crush a mosquito on your arm?his death is in the vein
  • what do you call an italian mosquito? Malaria
  • What is the difference between a blonde and a mosquito? The blonde keeps sucking after you slapped her.
  • Your mother is like a mosquito. I have to hit him to stop suckling
  • Which animal gets applause?The mosquito.
  • Today I was bitten by a mosquito. It stinks.
  • There is nothing more terrible than a mosquito. I was bitten by 8 mosquitoes yesterday while leaving the house of Magic Johnson !I guess now I have a mosquito bite
  • what do you call a mosquito sitting on your wife’s cheek? A once in a lifetime opportunity
mosquito Puns
  • I hope to get bitten by a Zika mosquito. I could use a little head.
  • What does the bearded midge say to the female midge? M’laria
  • What do mosquitoes think of people who use insect repellent? You are AUS full
  • blood money: what mosquitoes use as a means of payment.
  • Go away friend.
  • I just heard the buzz ~
  • ROCK the whole buzz!

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