40+ Gymnastics Puns [Most Funniest Collection]

Are you looking for some funny gymnastics puns? If yes, then this post is just for you. We covered some funny gymnastic puns today.

Many people love to do and watch gymnastics. But do you know that there is another thing that people love, and that is gymnastics puns?

And, if you are one of those people who loves to laugh, then this post is just for you.

Here you will find some of the most hilarious puns for your conversation starter.

Top 10 Gymnastics Puns

Gymnastics Puns
  • Gymnasts make really accomodating girlfriends. They’ll bend over backwards.
  • I had a fear of the vaulting horse…I got over it!
  • Where are cheating gymnasts sent?They’re put behind parallel bars!
  • Why Don’t Gymnasts Use Towels? Cause they tumble dry…
  • Why don’t gymnasts make much money as actors? They normally perform non-speaking rolls
  • Why did the farmer ask a passing gymnast to help move his wagon?Because the gymnast was an expert at cart wheels!
  • Why do bananas like gymnastics? They like to do splits.
  • What do you call a giant walking joint that does gymnastics? A tumbleweed.
  • What did the actor say to the gymnast?To beam or not to beam!
  • What Disney princess do gymnasts all love? Ariel

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Funny Gymnast Puns

Puns About Gymnastics
  • I used to date a hot 95 pound gymnast with ADD I just realized she may be the best fidget spinner I’ll ever get to play with…
  • Did you guys hear about the gymnast who owed money? She had an outstanding balance.
  • What is a gymnast’s favourite pudding?Jam roly-poly! What did the gymnast do with a hotdog?
Puns About Gymnastics
  • What do you call a mean acrobat?A gymnasty!
  • Did you hear about the professional bowler who was also a gymnast? She did splits well!
  • What do gymnasts and bananas have in common?They are both great at splits!
  • Why did the Olympic villain hate Simone Biles and Sky Brown?He’d’ve got away with it without those medalling kids!
  • Why are gymnasts always dangling from rings?It’s a good place to hang out!
  • In honor of the upcoming Olympics: What is a gymnast’s favorite spice? Somersalts
  • A Prague-based trampoline gymnastics coach was just arrested for fraud! Apparently, he bounced a great many Czechs.
Puns About Gymnastics
  • what’s a mathematicians favourite gymnastic move? a sum-mersault
  • Was the gymnast born loose and limber? No, he was taut.
  • Why did the cannibal eat the gymnast? Because they wanted a well balanced diet.
  • Dad: I was once a great gymnast…Daughter: Yeah, in a parallel (bars) dimension!
  • Seven days without any gymnastics training… Makes one weak…
  • What do a gymnast and a Joke Writer’s bank account have in common?Outstanding balance!

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Best Puns About Gymnastics

  • Why do Gymnasts work in teams?Because there’s safety in tumblers!
  • Why did the gymnast become a body builder? To increase flex-ability
  • What does a gymnast put on their popcorn? Sommer-salt.
Puns About Gymnastics
  • What does a cannibal call a gymnast? A well balanced breakfast
  • How did the gymnast banana injure itself? By doing the splits.
  • What happened to the alcoholic gymnast? They were prone to rolling blackouts.
  • I would tell you a pun about gymnasts, but… It’s a bit of a stretch…
  • What’s a gymnastic stoner’s favorite? tumbleweed
Puns About Gymnastics
  • Did you hear about that poor gymnast’s bank account? Her balance was outstanding.
  • I’m dating a gymnast. She’s head over heels.
  • Why’s that gymnast standing on the roof of the bank?I asked her to mount the vault!
  • What do you call a dumb gymnast? A flippin idiot

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