80+ Tennis Puns To Make Anyone Laugh [THE FUNNIEST]

Are you a tennis lover? If yes then you will definitely love this post. In this post, you will find some of the funniest tennis puns

From “serve and volley” to “ace of base”, there are some truly hilarious tennis puns that will keep you laughing all day long. So, if you love tennis and you love puns, then this is the post for you!

Top 10 Tennis Puns

Tennis Puns
  • I’m not just a player, I’m a champion.
  • Let’s get together, let’s not play alone.
  • Don’t be an asshole.
  • I network to reach the top.
  • Five old men with trembling bones walked down the street: They were a rocket on ten knees.
  • I don’t just play for fun, I play for glory.
  • Tennis is my therapy.
  • Tried to throw the photo neatly over the fence but it was framed.
  • I feel fit and ready to play.
  • Why can’t I ever win a game when I come back?Leave me alone.

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Funniest Tennis Puns

  • I’m hitting aces and making it look easy.
  • Felt cute. Might play a little tennis later.
  • I’m playing to win, not just to be playing.
  • I’m hoping to play a love match, not just a love set.
  • My serve accidentally hit the tape the last day we were playing tennis. Fortunately, they ‘let’ me hit that again next time.
  • I would never marry a tennis line judge or umpire – they’d always point out my faults.
  • This match is going to be racket-ly amazing!
  • I’m the master of the court, the ruler of the game.
tennis puns
  • The guy missed both his serves on match point. I won by de-fault.
  • I’m gonna ace this match, no doubt about it.
  • I’m not just playing for the match, I’m playing for the title.
  • I hope my backhand’s not double faulting today.
  • You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.
  • I’m the king of the court, the ace of the game.
  • My coach throws out such condescending statements about my tennis strokes. I don’t think I can take any more of her backhanded compliments from next time.
  • When talent does not work hard, hard effort wins.
  • My opponents may break my serve, but they won’t break my spirit.
  • I’m the best, the greatest, the tennis star.
  • I have one animal in my farm who I look up to more than Federer: GOAT.
  • I hope I can ace this match without breaking a sweat.
  • I’m the one to keep an eye on and the one to beat.
  • I’m a serve-and-volley player, fast and fierce.
  • The other day, I saw that a guy with quad-arms playing tennis. He seemed to have a great four-hand.
  • Federer is such a legend that they named the Roger’s Cup, and Fed Cup after him.
  • I’m gonna serve up some hot shots today.
  • I’m the king of the court, the champion of the game.
  • Work less, play more tennis.
  • I always have a ball playing tennis!
  • Five men invented a game with a ball – they called it ten-knees ball.
  • Serving up some sweetness.
  • The young player framed her ball for a winner and went on to tell the judge, “Shank-You” next time.
  • Don’t marry a tennis player – love means nothing to them.
  • I’m the ultimate competitor, the one to beat.
  • My favorite thing to do is play.
  • This match is in the bag, it’s all sewn up.
  • Success is a journey rather than a destination.
  • I’ll make sure to hit the sweet spot every time.
  • I’m feeling smash-tastic today!

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tennis puns
  • I am a tennis machine, unstoppable and indestructible.
  • My opponents may have the game, but I have the games to prove it.
  • I play with fire, with passion, with everything I have.
  • Never hit short balls over the net! Solution: Discard shot from Arsenal.
  • It’s my time, my time, my game.
  • I’m selling all my tennis equipment but I don’t know the net worth.
  • We play the love set, not the love set.
  • I’ve got the game, I’ve got the sets, I’ve got everything to win.
  • I’m on the road to success, I can’t be defeated.
  • I like my breakfast like my tennis shot: continental.
  • It seems my backhand is out of reach today.
  • Both tournament directors released the schedule at the same time. It was a drawing.

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Puns About Tennis

  • Too bad my serve hit the tape. At least they let me strike again.
  • I never understood why people say a tennis ball is so bad. Then it hit me.
  • tennis ball for sale.Only $100. Have had it for over a year. It has served me well.
  • I prefer the new system to viewing phone calls. I breathed a sigh of relief when Hawkeye appeared.
  • I feel pretty safe now.
  • I’ll play with a big heart, not just my racquet.
  • I’m not just a tennis player, I’m a tennis superstar.
  • I’m going to beat some forehand winners today.
  • I love tennis, it’s an ace!
  • Tennis is not rocket science.
  • There is a website for depressed tennis players. The servers are currently down.
  • I’m the top seed number one.
tennis puns
  • I hope my opponent doesn’t feel too far behind today.
  • This game will be fun.
  • I’m ready to weather the storm.
  • My opponent is tough, but I don’t complain.
  • Play with respect, win with grace.
  • Let’s have fun, not just play tennis.
  • I am the right of anger, unstoppable and indestructible.
  • I don’t let my opponent win a single game let alone win a set.
  • I’m a professional tennis player, court master.
  • Life is too short to wear boring clothes.
  • I play with all my heart and with all my soul.
  • I hope I don’t break down today.
  • My favorite place in the world is the tennis court.
  • This match will be a clear win for me.
  • This game is filled with two.
  • I play to win, not just to score.
  • The rookie tennis player was nicknamed Cream Cheese by other players at his academy for being given ‘bagels’; all the time.
  • Let’s go dancing.
  • Let’s play a game of love, not war.
tennis puns
  • Tennis is very similar to servers. The key to getting it right is the first serve.
  • My backhand is a work of art, a masterpiece in this game
  • Manage it.
  • This game will be national, pay attention!
  • I wish they would change the scoring system but tennis is organized in its own way and doesn’t make sense.
  • Today I’m going to beat some crosscourt winners.
  • I am the king of the court, the master of the game
  • Would you like to play like a girl.
tennis puns
  • John McEnroe gave me one of the racquets he smashed… no strings attached!
  • The first time I saw a game of tennis, it was love at first sight.
  • I’m feeling volley good about this match.
  • The reason why ex-convicts love playing tennis is probably that they get to serve time.
  • Winning isn’t getting ahead of others. It’s getting ahead of yourself.

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