Squid Puns & Jokes [Most Funniest One]

Have you ever seen a squid? Are there any jokes on them? Well, if you are searching for some funny squid puns then this post is just for you. Cause today we are got one of the funniest squid puns on the internet.

Top 10 Squid Puns

Squid Puns
  • You are such an octopus
  • Beware of angry squid. They have tentacles
  • A squid on a horse says “Squid-dyup.”
  • The company liquidates its inventory.
  • Better have the Kraken!
  • How many times does one have to tickle an octopus to make it laugh?ten tickles
  • What is the name of the leftover squid? Squid
  • Why did the squid turn red? He saw the bottom of the ocean.
  • If Squidward had a job in a squid prison, would he be known as Squid Warden Squidward?
  • How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?Ten tickles.
  • What is the name of the neurotic octopus? Crazy squid screwed it up.
  • The rule of thumb is to ALWAYS have the squid on your side when fighting. they are well armed
  • Ten Tickles – How to make a squid laugh.
  • You realize who said, “Let them eat squid”? Calamari – Antoinette.

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Funniest Squid Puns

  • How did the squid make the jumper chuckle? With his ten tickles.
  • Why did the octopus have to pay a million dollar ransom?
  • Squid does not require an ink feed.
  • The squid sailor cried out helplessly, “I’ve lost my ten sets!
  • Could you be calmer?
Squid Pun
  • squid like to wake up at dawn.
  • You’re looking at the ex-Squid site.
  • How does a squid couple take the next step in their relationship? They’re getting married in caliber
  • . The squid number soaks up ink.
  • What is the name of the Dothrak that rides the squid? Khal Amari
  • What is the name of the hospital’s octopus department? Squidward
  • Squid is still inkjet.
  • What are twin squids called? tentacle.
  • His wife was punished with an octopus.
  • I’m addicted to puns.
  • What is the name of the fish that knows how to exchange favours?Pro quo squid.
  • What’s the name of the calamari taco? Hentai
  • Squid goes into battle well armed.
  • These squids were i tentacles.
  • squid love grains because they crackle, crackle, crackle!!
  • You can’t make squid pie… But you can make an octopus.
  • I inked a squid in the ocean.
  • What number of tickles does it take to make an octopus chuckle? Ten tickle!
  • Squid players like to make slimy ten-point tackles.
Squid Puns
  • I will change my work for more ink.
  • I hate water! No, I’m just digressing. It’s a shame to be you.
  • How does a squid couple make the following stride in their relationship? They’re getting hitched in type octopus giggle? Ten tickle!

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Funniest Puns About Squid

  • The squid fell apart because they were compatible with ink. 
  •  Why the squid was expelled from school for crazy pranks 
  •  How many tickles… How many tickles before the squid laughs? Ten Tickling 
  •  Who Held the Octopus for Ransom? Octopus. 
  •  What is the name of the squid with the brilliant idea?I don’t know, but I feel like… 
  •  What is the name of the Jamaican octopus? Calamarley 
  •  What’s the name of the squid? Suspect 
  •  What was in the squid’s underwear? Traces of squid. 
  •  How does a squid behave in battle?Well-armed. 
  •  Stop!!! You’re kraken me up!You are so funny! 
  •  Squid’s favorite singer is Squid Rock. 
  •  What did the businessman say to the octopus? Hey, the print cartridge is empty – can we use some of yours? 
Squid Puns
  •  Tenta-cool: the most beautiful octopus ever.
  •   What is the name of the giant squid that runs the towing service in Indonesia? Octopus! 
  •  He emptied his father’s money. 
  •  Someone just threw an octopus at my car… Now my windshield is an octopus. 
  •  How does a squid behave in battle?Well Armed 
  •  What Phones Do Squids Use? CephaliPods 
  •  What did the octopus say after hearing the joke? you amaze me  
  •  My tattoo artist loves his squid and the squid loves me. But i love them both. I will tattoo them both

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