20+ Funniest Tooth Fairy Puns & Jokes {With Picture}

Do you believe in the tooth fairy? You’ll also love these tooth fairy puns if you do.

We’ve got the funniest tooth fairy for you today. You can share these puns with your family, friends, and even your crush. Trust me this is the most effective way to make anyone laugh.

So let’s start.

Top 10 Tooth Fairy Puns

Tooth Fairy
  • Why did the tooth fairy relocate to a new location? She had heard that the tooth-to-gum ratio was higher there.
  • Why do we call her The Tooth Fairy rather than The Grim Reaper?
  • Why didn’t the tooth fairy want to watch a movie about teeth? It was labelled as “Rotten.”
  • What is the tooth fairy’s preferred method of note-taking? It’s a floss-ter pen.
  • So, what did the tooth fairy have to say to the dentist? “You’re covering for me!”
  • What was the tooth fairy’s problem? She had far too many fillings to remember them all.
  • What was the purpose of the tooth fairy attending school? She wants to acquire a degree in molar arithmetic.
  • How does the tooth fairy interact with her colleagues? By the use of tooth-mails.
  • What caused the tooth fairy to go on a diet? She had

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Funny Puns About Tooth Fairy

  • What if your teeth are worth hundreds of dollars… And the Tooth Fairy cheated me for years?
  • After a long day at work, what did the tooth fairy say to the dentist? “I’m really proud of myself for landing this position.”
  • Why did the tooth fairy become involved in recycling? She desired to amass a collection of enamel cans.
Tooth Fairy Puns
  • When the tooth fairy leaves a note, what does she say? “Tooth and nail, you’re great!”
  • My bubble was punctured a few minutes later when, after a few seconds of thought, she queried, “How do you go into the other kids’ houses?”
  • “Are you the Tooth Fairy?” my seven-year-old said as yet another tooth was extracted.
  • When they’re hanging out, what does the tooth fairy say to the dentist? “Let’s get this fill-in party started!”
  • Which song is the tooth fairy’s favourite? “All I Want for Christmas Are My Front Two Teeth.”
  • How does the tooth fairy protect her money? In a floss-it container.
  • Why did the tooth fairy become a vegan? She didn’t want to cause any harm to any teeth-animal.

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Tooth Fairy Puns
  • Why did the Tooth Fairy consult a therapist? Because she had lost faith in herself.
  • How did the tooth fairy get her wings? She learned how to fly with her teeth.
  • Why was the tooth fairy dressed in a tutu? She was taking ballet classes for the tooth fairy.
  • I was impressed that she saw this and assured her that I am, in fact, the Tooth Fairy.
  • How does the tooth fairy keep track of her money? With her premolars and incisors.
  • What does the tooth fairy like to eat? Jawbreakers.

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